Welcome to the greatest story ever told.

In fact, the story of God is still being told.  It’s easy to look at the Bible as old news – the dusty accounts of long-ago people with outrageous customs and irrelevant principles, but it is so much more than that. 

The Bible, as we know it today, is a collection of sixty-six books, each with its own plot, pacing, heroes and villains.  But the whole library is held together by a cosmic context, wherein we see God step onto every page as the one true Hero, the one main character (and we know He’s the main character because He’s the only one that doesn’t die.)  The story of God reaches across time, space and distance.  It stretches from the beginning of creation in Genesis, to the beginning of a new creation in Revelation.  And within that vast timeline, we find hundreds of amazing biographies of the men and women who stepped into God’s story and played a part in His ultimate mission to create, restore and redeem humanity.  This three-word plotline runs through every line of every page, revealing the unchanging purpose of God for then, for them, for now, for us.  Our stories are still being written, and as we begin to read the Bible narrative as a timeless masterpiece of missional living and the inspired truth that saves and sets us free, we will find our greatest chapters are also yet to be written.

We’ve created a field guide for you, so that you will know a little more about each book as you travel through it.  We encourage you to read the introductions, find where the story falls on the timeline of history  and then read the key passages from that book in whatever translation of the Bible you enjoy the most. This will be a beautiful adventure as we dive deep into the story of God.